Children and Trauma: Beyond Attachment Theory:

Understanding the Whole Child, Sheffield (30th September 2014)

October 2014


Thank you to all the kinship carers, foster carers, adopters, professionals and school staff (92 in total) who attended the Conference and made it such a great day!


Special guest speakers, Jane Evans @janeparenting2 and Tina Hendry @Reattachparent were fantastic!


"Tina Hendry - enthralling" 
"Jane Evans - meerkat analogy made it stick"

What people are saying about the conference


Carer Feedback:


“Best training I have attended in 16 years of caring”

"It was all very informative. I didn't know how little I knew"

Adopter Feedback:


  • "Everyone working in a school or professional capacity with children who have suffered trauma/loss should have this as a basic"

  • "Gave a good insight into attachment and other issues, and inspired you to want to do/read more about it"


Professional Feedback:


  • "Very useful to both carers and professionals. Managers need to attend"

  • "This would be helpful for the whole fostering service staff. I also feel it is essential for all foster carers"

  • "I think we've got a bit stuck in our ways in Sheffield. We've done much work on attachment not so sensory stuff. This needs taking into all schools."


5/5 said the conference was good value for money and 100% of attendees said they would recommend future events to friends and family!


Thank you again for attending and making the day a great success.


If you are interested in attending a future event please get in touch!

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