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Attachment Narrative Life Story Work©


Using a DDP and attachment narrative therapy approach, this work seeks to help the young person understand their life story and how past events and traumas are impacting on their feelings, thoughts, body states and behaviours in the present. This work is done with the parent/carer present, so that they can support and inform the session.


During each session, a therapeutic space is provided, using a DDP approach, to enable the young person and parent/carer negotiate the day-to-day conflicts at home, so that they feel listened to, are able to understand each other's perspectives, communicate more effectively and enable a better relationship to be formed.  Strategies for both young person and parent/carer are also shared to navigate big emotions using sensory integration, CBT and solution focused techniques.


As part of the therapeutic process, parent/carer only sessions are held once a month to give them space to be supported, to share insight into their child and to think about therapeutic parenting approaches, calling on the PACE Model, Great Behaviour Breakdown and Non-Violence Resistance approaches.


School support will also be provided where necessary to help the staff understand the young person’s needs and to provide attachment-based strategies in school to support sensory integration, executive functioning, and emotional regulation needs.

This process is tailored to the needs of each young person and their family and is a fluid process to be able to meet specific needs that are presented. 

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