Training for school staff and professionals


Are you a school staff member or professional looking to understand the behaviour of children who have suffered trauma?


Hope Attachment offers comprehensive training for school staff and professionals. In our specialised training, we talk about why it's more than just attachment issues that affect the behaviour of children who have suffered trauma.


Our training covers topics including:


  • Developmental trauma

  • Post traumatic stress disorder

  • Attachment theory

  • How attachment affects brain development

  • Executive function difficulties

  • Sensory issues


Why choose Hope Attachment training?


  • Personalised, holistic training with your needs in mind

  • Opportunity to share experiences and discuss concerns about children

  • Begin to understand what children may be communicating through their behaviour

  • High quality training delivered using different mediums such as group work, videos, presentations and idea sharing

  • Comprehensive list of strategies, checklists and further support with real life applications

  • Information and strategies based on latest therapeutic and research methods

  • One-to-one consultation with the trainer and follow-up email support

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Should you wish to use Hope Attachment's holistic therapeutic services for children, our training comes included as part of the package.


Find out about Hope Attachment's upcoming training events or get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

"The night of our first foster placement opened our eyes to the reality and difficulties that children in the care system have, as a tiny 3 year old hit, bit and swore at me in a rage that lasted hours.


For the next 5 years, I dedicated my free time to reading, researching and undertaking training in order to understand what the children were trying to communicate through their behaviour and how we could help them to heal."


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