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Active Research on Vulnerable Children

in Sheffield Schools


Hope Attachment are happy to be commissioned by Sheffield City Council’s LAC Virtual School from April 2015 to March 2018 on a piece of active research.


The aim of the research is:


Provide an extensive programme of Whole School and In-depth training Sessions for Sheffield schools which will capacity build staff to have the skills, knowledge and tools to support vulnerable children, especially CiC, and to improve their emotional wellbeing and success within the classroom which will lead to an increased attainment, attendance and decreased difficult behaviours and exclusions.


This will be achieved by:


  • Whole school training to raise awareness of trauma and it’s effects on children and young people ie the psychological, neurological and physiological difficulties.

  • In-depth training and ongoing consultation with a core team of staff in each school, working with 2 case studies, to enable them to spot the signs of trauma, to understand how it manifests as behaviour, to put in place an attachment based therapeutic plan for the child and to review and assess on and ongoing basis to help the child become more socially and emotionally resilient and achieve academically.

  • Guiding schools on appropriate evidence based therapeutic support for the case studies where appropriate.


For further information about this research project please contact Fiona at .

Results from 2015-2016

Whole School Training

Beyond Attachment Theory: Understanding The Whole Child©:                                           

Whole School Training 2015/16

Understanding of Attachment Theory and Impact on the Child

In-depth training sessions

Examples of case study evaulation

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