Therapeutic services for children


“Fiona has been helpful over and above her remit to me and my son. She has accompanied me on visits, attended meetings, being supportive and offering guidance. I cannot praise her highly enough. Thank you.”


Hope Attachment provides specialist therapeutic services for children with relational and developmental trauma. This includes children who may have been fostered or adopted.


Hope Attachment believes in a holistic approach to intervention, using the latest research and models of therapeutic practice.


We offer a comprehensive and dedicated intervention package, which is fully customisable to suit the needs of the child at home and in school as well as the needs of parents/carers, school staff and other professionals.


The package consists of any of the following elements:


  • Evaluation of attachment patterns (using the Story Stem Assessment and MIM), sensory processing and executive functioning needs and relationship patterns (Life Script Interview with parent/carers)

  • Therapeutic parenting support (based on Dan Hugh’s Pace Model and Bryan Post’s Great Behaviour Breakdown Model)

  • Theraplay and DDP techniques

  • Attachment Narrative Life Story Work

  • Consultation and training for parents/carers

  • Consultation and training for school staff and professionals


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