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I first met Fiona when my son was in year 6; we had been having a lot of difficulties since he was first adopted and my concerns and request for help hadn’t really been listened to.  Although we had had some support from social services, I began to think that I must have been exaggerating our issues. 


When I had been physically attacked by my then 10-year-old, it was suggested that Hope Attachment might be able to help.  I remember that after my son’s assessment and my first meeting with Fiona, I had to say thank you, as she was the first one who told me a lot of the things about my son that I had been shouting to teachers for years.


I have had one to one session with Fiona, had theraplay with my son, and attended her course on Non-Violent Resistance.  My son has also had sessions with Fiona on a one-to-one basis. She has helped us communicate with one another, shown me how to act in a non-confrontational way with my son and enabled him to talk through his concerns with her. This has changed our relationship completely; we can chat through problems or walk away from arguments – not bad for mother and teenage son.


Hope Attachment have also supported my daughter through individual and family theraplay, as well as helping her to understand her some of her past.


Fiona has been there for my family through a number of crisis each of which could have destroyed our lives together.  She has become my invaluable support and an honorary member of our family. 

"Fiona has been helpful over and above her remit to me and my son. She has accompanied me on visits, attended meetings, being supportive, offering guidance. I cannot praise her highly enough. Thank you."

"Just a quick email to say thank you for the Attachment, Trauma and Loss training... The way it was delivered was fantastic, very easy to understand and take in. I came to the training knowing nothing; I came away with much more knowledge and understanding alongside some useful tips/strategies. I would like to thank you again and finish off with saying it was one of the best led courses I have attended."

"It has taken our son forward and helped him get back from a difficult place. It's given us techniques and understanding that we continue to use."

"The examples, research/ factual background, video clips and real life references were useful."

"We found this very useful and it was good that we've done this training as a whole staff so everyone has the same understanding."

To find out more about our training for school staff or our therapeutic services for children with attachment issues, please send us a message.

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